The Value of Shopper Marketing

Results of the study: Effectiveness of POP marketing and shopper marketing activities The share of spontaneous purchasing decisions at POP has increased significantly.

Purchasing decisions for fast moving consumer goods are up to 100% made at the POP* (point of purchase). POP marketing reactivates already known advertisement and gives the final purchase impulse.
*also known as POS (point of sale)

(Source: Study about the effectiveness of POP marketing activities made by POS support in collaboration with the Market Research Institute Konzept & Markt Wiesbaden)

Staging POS Marketing

Hermès Pop-up store provides a temporary customer inspiration. Apple Store: Trend-setter of store design - Instore-Marketing activities are focused on product demonstrations PlayStation Shop: Staging by utilizing digital POS technologies, shop-in-shop systems, POS displays and visual merchandising Implementation through creative POS decoration, visual merchandising and product-specific shopfitting

POP marketing is essential to the consumers’ brand decision as proven by a steadily increasing number of scientific studies. Efficient shopper marketing concepts affect both: the actual buying decision and the predisposition of consumers. Emotional staging of brands can be achieved through sales promotion and marketing at the retailer.

Source: Dr. Ottmar Franzen (Lecturer of Marketing and Market Research at the Rhein-Main University and at the University of Mainz)
 Point of Sale